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 Updates Saturday January 21 2012

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PostSubject: Updates Saturday January 21 2012   Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:46 pm

Updates Saturday January 21 2012


Under your name, a rank will appear. The rank will indicate what position you have in the forum. To obtain a rank, you must post. Acromantula, the site prefecct is making a guide on posting ranks here.

Here is an example of my rank:

Thanks to - Zane., the site artist, for making these ranks.


Since it is a Harry Potter themed forum, Kaito, our super prefect, gave us the idea to make a house option. To activate this option, follow these simple steps:

Go to your the shortcuts, and select profile, like so:

Once you get there, scroll down until you see the house option. Write your house in the blank space, like so:

You can remain without a house if you would like, but don't use that blank space for anything else. Failure to do so can result in a warning.

Now, this is how the house option will look when you post:

Icons for each house will come soon.

Thank you everyone that supported this forum, it is growing wildly. Enjoy the updates!

- Snorkack, Site Headmaster

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Updates Saturday January 21 2012
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