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 The Hogwarts Express Forum Rules

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Crumple-Horned Snorkack

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PostSubject: The Hogwarts Express Forum Rules   Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:22 pm

Forum Rules

Pictures of yourself and Inappropriate Pictures - Pictures of yourself, family or friends are not allowed. Inappropriate drawings, images and smileys aren't allowed.

Advertising & Outside links- Links and advertising other websites including chat boxes and live voice chat are not allowed anywhere on the site. *This includes writing just because it's not clickable it is still considered directing members off site. The same rules that apply in the forums also apply to visitor & private messages. If you have a link you want to post, send a private message to an administrator to get it approved before posting it.

Signature Size- Don’t make your signature image bigger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. If you would like to use a signature 200 pixels wide by 500 pixels wide or smaller, please contact an administrator. You can add text above or below your image but no more than a few lines. If your signature is taking up half the page it's too big.

Spam- Don’t spam the forums. “Spam” means: posting things that have nothing to do with the original post, double posting (posting two+ messages in a row), and over-using the smileys. Please use common sense with bumping, pay attention to when the thread was started and the usefulness of the thread. Bumping mini games because you want to play is ok.

Bumping threads- This means writing bump or just posting something to bring your thread back to the top. You can bump once every 24 hours. Bumping more than that will result in a warning, and failure to do so may result in a temporary ban. After a thread has been bumped more than 5 times, give it some time. People don't post right away.

Spamming other members - Do not spam other members through visitor messages or private messages with advertising. This includes but is not limited to your graphic shops, stories, blogs, chain letters and websites.

Rants- Please don't start a thread ranting about what other people are posting. If you don't like the topic move on to another thread. If their topic is breaking a forum rule please report it.

Deleted posts- If your post or thread was deleted/closed do not repost it, it was deleted for a reason. Please do not post or start a thread about a deleted post/thread. If you have a question as to why it was deleted please PM a staff member.

Cheats and 3rd party programs - Are not allowed to be discussed here.

Password and Personal Information- Do not give your Pottermore or your The Hogwarts Express Forum password to anyone. Do do not post your personal information anywhere on the forums. Report anyone that asks for your personal information to a moderator immediately.

Arguments/Fights and naming members from in game- Don't start fights, don't get involved in fights. If a fight starts notify a moderator. We do not allow members to name other people from the game in a negative way.

Posting- The moderators have to be able to read your post in order to moderate. This means no intentional misspelling of words or posting in languages other than English.

Unwanted Criticism or CnC- We are a friendly forum, responding to someone's post to simply offer UNINVITED criticism regarding spelling or grammar corrections is not permitted.

The staff at The Hogwarts Express has final say on what is appropriate and what is not. Just because you receive a warning for a rule not specifically mentioned, does not mean you didn't do anything wrong. The staff has the right to remove or edit anything they see as inappropriate. Posting a warning sent you by staff could lead to an immediate ban.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Arther and Snorkack
The Hogwarts Express Headmasters
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The Hogwarts Express Forum Rules
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